About Jeremy Till

Hi. I’m Jeremy Till, and I relish Spray Painting – and painting in general. A couple of years ago, I began to spray paint different items and projects. I sure didn’t regret it as the coatings were much better and didn’t leave brush strokes. 

Jeremy Painter

My history with Spray Painting – and Painting in General 

I’ve painted on different projects, items, walls, decks, and furniture, now going back to 2015. I purchased my house in Los Angeles, California, and I was able to do some basic and advanced painting to make the living space very inviting. 

Interestingly, I got married to my lovely wife in this house a year later, and we’ve managed the house in excellent condition. Further, we developed a neat terrace, deck, and patio – that we’ve also painted in unique color themes. 

Also, I’ve purchased some items such as pieces of furniture on Craigslist – which I’ve consequently remodeled and repainted to get that oomph that we love in the family. 

  • I’ve spent my days and months repairing and replacing broken pieces and equipment. The process included sealing and staining several pieces that had leaks, such as on their wood shell. 

Lately, some of my friends and colleagues have mentioned their challenges regarding spray painting items – especially when they want to get no drips on their walls and metal or wooded pieces.

I acknowledge the validity of their complaints since I used to struggle with the same issues. But over the years, I’ve come along with several tricks that I’ve picked in the painting projects.

My Experience and Career

How has it been like to be a Spraypainter and writing my experiences at Spray Painters Den? I’ve applied paint on different surfaces, including decks and vehicles – while also customizing mad preparing other color paints.

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Some of the duties and tasks I’ve undertaken are outlined below;

  • Painting signs and artwork and signs 
  • I’ve used power sanders on decks and rough vehicles to smoothen up their surfaces. 
  • Sanded various surfaces, applied finishing coats, and touched-up the various paintwork – maybe with pressure washers
  • Applied protective seals, rustproofing chemicals, and applying polish.. 
  • Primer application before spray painting
  • It was protecting areas that won’t be painted using newspapers, old rags, and masking tape. 

How I Became An Expert a Spraypainter

As a spraypainter, I’ve also undertaken different vocational qualifications being an excellent apprenticeship for a better experience. Also, I’ve qualified for a separate license to undertaken home and vehicle repairs.

  • I have gained painting experience in different body shops. 
  • I’ve undertaken an Automotive Refinishing Technology Certification – a course that took about two years to complete.

I’ve also acquired different qualifications and experiences in spray painting and general painting.

  • Works comfortably with solvent-based latex elements
  • Excellent ability to wet film and tape measure
  • Extraordinary capacity to use, repair and maintain different kinds of spray painting guns.
  • Can operate different high-volume low-pressure sprayers
  • Efficiently resolve various paint coverage problems, including working with spraying marine coating.
  • Readily interpret various operation specifications and sheets.
  • Fantastic knowledge with polyurethane mixing and paints

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I’ve replaced blowers, pumps, sprayers, and hot tub heaters while also fixing different leads and fixing peeling, oily, and rusted surfaces. Here are my additional experience and skills; 

  • Team Work
  • Thoroughness
  • Time Management
  • Forklift License
  • Driver’s License
  • Punctual
  • Self-Motivation
  • Spray Painting
  • Collaboration
  • Autonomy

My Spray Painting Loving family 

As I noted earlier in this article, I have a lovely family that also participates in my painting projects – particularly those I do at home.

For example, I’ve recently repainted my house’s interior walls, the ceiling, and a fantastic deck plus gazebo. We’ve also participated in the cleaning, maintenance, and repair of accessories and tools.