About Spray Painters Den

Spray Painters Den (SPD) is a site where I post content on valuable techniques and products for spray painting – and painting in general. The aim is to answer questions received from the SPD readers While providing more painting inspiration and information. 

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This information helps homeowners and DIYers effectively maintain, fix, and shine their walls, houses, doors, floors, decks, and playsets. Jeremy Till founded the website in April 2018 and its growth in both audience and authority. 

At SPD, we’ve painted many projects over time, and we’ve learned and developed methods on how to give your surfaces and items that quality smooth paint finish. But you’ll also require adequate prep techniques (like patching, filling, or caulking) if you won’t hire a pro painter. 


I, Jeremy Till, have loved painting ever since I was ten years old. Overall, I have painted tens of hundreds of items at home and away, including my house ceiling, garage, swimming tubs, kernel, concrete walls, and interior walls. 

Spray painting has become my go-to method of beautifying my spaces while also starting the decorating budget. Therefore, in this blog, I’ve gathered creative ways anyone can use to fix their house’s outlook and other items, including those purchased off Craigslist. 

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The various projects have helped me easily navigate different painting jobs, and as I learn, I’ve dedicated myself to teach the Spray Painters Den’s blog readers the knowledge and experiences. I come painting tools and equipment including; 

  • Piston or Airless Sprayers use high pressure for paint delivery and will work well for thick primers and latex paints.
  • High-Volume-Low-Pressure (HVLP) paint sprayers – These sprayers will be excellent for creating that subtle finish with great efficiency. 
  • Air-assisted Paint sprayers – These sprayers are fixed with an air compressor making them suitable for spraying furniture, cabinets, and shelves. 


Before and after spraying, there are many processes, such as full cleaning – including on your filters, gun, and pumps. 

  • Spraying to achieve an even coverage is a challenging task – the lighter colors will prevent places with heavy paint from ng drips. 
  • Further, lay your painted surfaces horizontally on cabinet drawers and doors  – this reduces cases of drips – including using pressure washers


Most readers of Spray Painters Den are located in the United States, with a smaller portion in the ed Kingdom and Canada. 

On age, the majority of our readers fall between the ages of 17-60 years with an almost even split between women and men.