Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi. Jeremy Till here. I believe and uphold transparency on this deep web, and hence I am here disclosing that, on this site, I’ve included links to products that I will earn some percentage in affiliate commission from your purchases. 

My aim on this site is to educate you on the available techniques and products that’ll help you paint your items and spaces. But you should know that I am undertaking this task like a for-profit business. 

I equally recommend a similar approach with your information and site, unless you’re operating it as a charitable endeavor. Unique affiliate programs that I use on the site include Amazon Associates and Mediavine (a Display Ads Program). 

Therefore, I’ll be practical to understand that many of the links opening to a service or product are affiliate links in which I will receive some compensation. There are millions of painting products available online and offline. 

But, considering ethics and my integrity, I only promote services and products that I have thoroughly investigated and genuinely believe that they’ll give you value. For example, I may incorporate banners and ds for deck stains and paint sprayers. is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 

  • As an affiliate, I recommend that my readers love and find value for their money. Hence, you (as the site reader) find the product exciting and purchase through the links posted; I’ll be paid a commission.
  • The commission will be a percentage of the product’s or service’s total cost – but this won’t increase the customer’s expense.  This makes it a win-win for the affiliate and the customer.

For clarity, not all products and services I will recommend on this site are affiliate in nature. I will also recommend the quality and worthy products that don’t have affiliate programs. 

I aim to offer educative guides on subjects that interest you (particularly in the painting projects), and I hope this will help you make significant purchasing decisions. Therefore, my commitment to this is that;

  • I only affiliate myself and approve products that I would or have used in my various DIY painting projects. Also, I’ll consider and post only the best products regardless of whether they have affiliate programs or not. 
  • Kindly let me know any recommended product or service that I recommend, which doesn’t make you happy. It’s good to note that brand, companies, and products and change – and I’ll be glad to investigate any quality variations or determination on the items I recommend. 

The companies have not handed us any free services or products as compensation for mentioning their products or brands on our website. So, we only receive affiliate commissions for linking to products or services. 

Therefore, for any questions or clarification on the above-explained matter, you may contact through the website’s contact page – accessible via the site menu above. 


Jeremy Till