7 Best Deck Stain for Pressure Treated Wood 2020

What’s the best deck stain for pressure treated wood? Well, there is a variety of deck stains and sealers available to choose from – which definitely lead to confusion. Best Deck Stain For Pressure Treated Wood

I conducted some deep research while I searching for a stain or primer for my deck. Maybe you’re considering a stain for your pressure-treated pine deck?

Or you’re thinking which deck stain lasts the longest? Or when should you stain your pressure-treated deck? Well, read below for responses for all these questions. Related: How to get rid of spray paint smell?

7 Best Deck Stain for Pressure Treated Wood 2020

1. THOMPSONS WATER-SEAL Stain (Waterproofing & Transparent) – #1 Stain Pick

Thompsons water-seal is a clear (transparent) deck stain that will leave your pressure-treated wood showing its fresh look and try colors. Equally, this stain will protect the wood against graying or darkening, and also from the harsh effects of UV rays.


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How long does Thompson’s Water Seal last? Well, the Thompsons water-seal stain will last for about 10 years as it’s well protected from sunlight (UV rays) and moisture (including water). Experts recommend a single stain coat every 1-3 years considering sun exposure and deck use – you may use a paint pad, paint roller, or a garden sprayer.

So, is this Thompson Water-Seal a water or oil-based stain? Well, it’s surely an oil-based stain that’ll also seal the wood against water infiltration in addition to getting into and blocking off the wood pores. The oil-based stain is preferred because it’ll “repel” the water that’ll land on the wood surface.

But what’ll happen when it rains immediately after applying the Thompson’s Water Seal? Sadly, the rainwater will damage the coating of the stain having mineral oil and linseed oil. The stain coat requires a few hours to dry and hence within that time, the stain will be damaged by the rain.

Cleaning up for Thompson Water-Seal application requires using just water and soap. Also, remember to follow the manufacturers stain usage instructions.

Luckily, this stain combines with waterproofing and staining capabilities for best results on your pressure treated wood. See Also: what’s the best stain for a swing set?


  • Seals or fills cracks to prevent unavoidable water infiltration
  • Its an oil-based stain and sealer that’ll “repel” water and hence reduce water infiltration
  • Budget-friendly product – combines both stain and sealer
  • protects timber form UV rays and mildew damage
  • Treats effectively about 400 sq ft
  • Loved by both DIYers and expert painters
  • Can reduce wear in latex stain


  • Some users consider it to be too thick

2. Valspar Semi-Solid Cabot Stain Oil-Based for Siding and Deck – #2 Pick

Valspar Semi-Solid is a durable stain that’ll avert damage from water, UV rays and Mildew. In addition, this stain is appropriate for dry and damp wood. The stain will appropriately treat your wooden gates and fences – just brush off the loose dirt and apply the single stain coat – no elaborate preparation or sanding.

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Valspar Semi-Solid helps maintain the wood’s natural grain and you’ll have the option to select from one of the 5 colors available. Further, due to being an oil-based satin, this product will be suitable for different applications including staining the wood in the outdoor spaces.

The stain will give your deck or pressure-treated wood a redwood that’s excellent to the eyes. Further, since the stain is oil-based and also semi-solid, its coat won’t crack easily or even blister or peel and hence will last for a long time compared to other regular stains in its class.

Valspar Semi-Solid stain is deep-penetrating and thus will preserve and protect the wood and timber for longer – besides making the wood surfaces to repel water. As noted above, the product protects your wood against damage by mildew, UV rays, and mold.

Valspar Semi-Solid, being a semi-solid and oil-based stain creates a rich color on the wood and hence will be beautiful and will also last longer while also resisting graying or fading. This product is suitable for heavy coverage or also for total color change – gives a deep brown and rich stain – among other shades.


  • Gives your pressure-treated wood a finish that’s fade-resistant
  • The oil-based stain will penetrate very deep into the wood
  • The quality stain that won’t blister, peel or crack
  • The oil-based stain makes the wood to “repel” water from its surface
  • Mades the wood resistant to UV rays (from the sun) and mildew


  • Comes in just 1 color
  • Not cheap

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3. DEFY-Extreme Wood Stain for Exterior Application (Semi-Transparent) – #3 Pick

DEFY-Extreme Wood Stain is also a great coat for your pressure-treated wood – it’s also a semi-transparent stain and will thus improve the look and feel of the wood. This product comes in a variety of colors including different brown hues, natural, redwood, and cedar – choose the one to match your weather conditions.

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DEFY-Extreme Wood Stain contains superior resins making it very durable on your wood. Thus, the resin coat won’t darken or fade easily allowing the fresh look to last for an additional 1-2 seasons compared to the regular stain coats. Therefore, the premium and natural stain coat will protect your outdoor furniture, sidings, fences, and decks.

The semi-transparent coat will be great for application on the exterior of your pressure-treated wood – which makes it easy to clean, brighten and stain the wood. Further, the wood stain will be easy to maintain as you won’t require any stripping or sanding as preparation – just apply 1 satin coat and this will leave the wood brightened.

DEFY-Extreme Wood is a lovely semi-transparent Stain (with superior resins) that’ll improve the look of your wood by reducing the rate at which darkening or fading occurs on the timber – particularly those that are in outdoor spaces. The wood was left with a great natural color look – simple washing using water and soap will be enough.

The stain will be very easy to maintain in good shape besides being highly eco-friendly. Applying just a single coat of the semi-transparent will brighten the timber – which is also budget-friendly. The product contains zinc nano-particles that’ll allow better safeguard against UV rays, color loss, and fading.


  • Zinc Nano-particles make the pressure-treated wood to be safe from sun’s UV rays and mildew too
  • Made from superior resins that’ll prevent darkening and fading
  • Despite being mainly semi-transparent – you can also get DEFY-Extreme Wood in 7 color options
  • Easy to apply – won’t require stripping or sanding like with other stains
  • Gives your wood a superior natural look (thanks to the semi-transparent shade)


  • Not very budget-friendly – won’t stain a large area

4. Restore-A-Deck Stain for Exterior Wood & Decks (Cypress) – #4 Pick

Restore-A-Deck Stain is also easy to use – you can prepare the wood and stain on the same day. It’ll give the deck wood a solid color including white, walnut, gray, and taupe that will appropriately stain different wood surfaces including premium wood like mahogany, pine, redwood.

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Restore-A-Deck Stain will also work great even when the wood is damp, unlike other stains that require you clean and keenly dry the deck wood – this will help if you have no time to spare or are in a hurry to stain the pressure-treated wood.

The Restore-A-Deck is a water-based stain but will also penetrate deep into the wood grains protecting it against the damaging effects of mildew, moisture (including water), and UV rays from the sun. However, the wood will stain maintain its natural wood grain look since the stain is semi-transparent.

On application, Restore-A-Deck stain is easy to use since 1 gallon will stain about 200 square feet – luckily its both a sealer and a stain. You’ll enjoy that the stain coat will dry very fast to give you an amazing and rich look. You can stain both indoor and outdoor furniture including fences and log homes (both vertical and horizontal).

Besides protecting the wood against damage from mildew, mold, fungi, UV rays, and water – this Restore-A-Deck will give your wood a shining, fresh and natural look. You may apply the wood stain on both dry and damp wood – 1 gallon may stain, considering the wood’s absorptive capacity, anywhere from 200 to 350 square feet.


  • Its safe to use a power safe
  • Budget-friendly as it’ll cover about 200 to 350 square feet.
  • Protects the pressure-treated from UV rays, mildew, and molds
  • Will stain on both dry and damp wood


  • May damage plants

5. Ready Seal Cedar and Redwood Natural Stain & Sealer

Ready Seal Cedar stain is great multi-purpose stain and sealant and it’ll need no primer – great for saving time combined with the fact that you can reapply before the initial coat has dried.

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Ready Seal stain is very easy to use – you’ll require just some quick clean-up and apply the stain on the wood to get a uniform and solid cover.

The stain has a range of colors available including Redwood, Pecan, Natural Cedar, Mahogany, Light Oak, and Golden Pine. So, it’ll favorably stain your outdoor wood and decks.

Ready Seal stain is oil-based and therefore won’t leave a mark on your pressure-treated wood. The semi-transparent stain allows the wood to retain its fresh and natural look.

Ready Seal stain is easy to use and offers the required safeguard against water, UV rays, and mildew while also maintaining the wood’s texture and natural grain.


  • The stain won’t affect the wood’s quality but equally promotes a more natural look
  • Offers protection against mildew, UV rays, and water.
  • Stain comes in a range of colors to match your wood type and quality
  • Suitable for staining wooden patios, gazebos, and fences – this is besides using the stain for decks.


  • None


So, I’ve outlined best deck stain for pressure treated wood. Measure the wood’s surface area to stain railings, deck, and outdoor furniture. Further, a single gallon of Valspar Semi-Solid will stain about 250 square feet.

The oil-based stain has a high amount of pigment to give your pressure-treated wood the requires some level of safeguard against UV rays and equally hides most of the wood surface imperfections.


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