7 Best Paint Brushes for Acrylic Painting 2023

Since acrylic paints tend to be hard on hairbrushes, they need to be replaced often if you are not so diligent about cleaning up after use. Best Paint Brushes for Acrylic Painting

Given the wide range of choices in the market, picking the best paint brushes for acrylic painting is no mean fete.

Our comprehensive guide breaks down the most popular picks based on user reviews. See Also: Thinning acrylic paint

s: Top 7 Best Paint Brushes for Acrylic Painting 2023

1. Oil and Acrylic Brush Set With Free Brush Roll-Up 24-Piece Set

This package features 24 long-handled brushes which are specially formulated for oil and acrylic paint pick up.

Best Paint Brushes for Acrylic Painting Check Price on Amazon

Featuring a free canvas roll-up organizer, this is the ideal pick for beginners looking for an affordable alternative to high-end household names.

This versatile collection contains flat and round edges constructed out of synthetic and natural bristles.

This is a must-have for artists looking for an all in one package for acrylic and oil paint use on a budget.

For improved performance and durability, the brushes are factory coated to keep the bristles stiff without causing damage to the brush.

All 12 white nylon brushes and 12 hog bristle brushes come in different sizes making it the ideal choice for young boys and girls who are just getting acquainted with the art.

What’s more? This product has been tested and proven to deliver excellent results in the different test categories.


  • Value package
  • Perfect for oil and acrylic based paints
  • Dependable quality


  • Questionable durability

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2. D’Artisan Shoppe Maestro Series XV 15-Piece Acrylic Water Color

For painter looking for a more durable pick which is easy to clean, the Maestro series XV caters to all your needs while accommodating both epoxy and acrylic based paints.

D’Artisan Shoppe Maestro Series XV 15-Piece Acrylic Water Color Check Price on Amazon

The stiff long hairs featured in this set provide excellent paint pick up for thick oil-based paints while delivering textual effects with every stroke.

Every brush is hand made with superior quality which delivers an anti-shedding performance thanks to the double cramp ferrules, which ensures that loose bristles no longer compromise your work.

This all-purpose product is ideal for detailed artwork because it contains a large selection of brushes of different types and shapes.

The flat, round, angled shader, square wide, and filbert brushes will cater to all your painting needs.

This collection is easy to use, thanks to the integration of lightweight and long handles which deliver the right balance and grip to reduce user fatigue.

The handles are painted and varnished to improve cleaning while the anodized aluminum ferrules remain bright and intact even with prolonged use.


  • Comes in a lightweight and compact carry case
  • Suitable for all paints
  • Unmatched quality


  • None found

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3. Artify 38-Piece Paint Brush Set for Acrylic Oil Water Color Paint

The best-selling feature of this set is the large collection of brushes made of natural and synthetic bristles (nylon, pony, and hog) which are highly elastic and durable to cope with multiple washes.

Artify 38-Piece Paint Brush Set for Acrylic Oil Water Color Paint Check Price on Amazon

What’s more? The hairs are resistant to fraying and falling apart even after prolonged use which ensures that they maintain their shape and produce dynamic strokes every time.

The large collection of flat and round brushes allow you to apply minor and large details on your different art projects.

The handles are paint covered with lacquer which delivers a firm grip as you paint your projects. Artify designers integrated an additional oil paint coating on the handles of this series which delivers a bright sheen and long-lasting quality.

The brush set comes packaged in a unique and foldable canvas wrap which improves portability while protecting the tools from unforeseeable damage.


  • Largest brush collection in the market
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Perfect gift package


  • Pricey

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4. Benicci Artist Paint Brush Set of 16 with Bonus Paint Knife

If you are looking for no-shed brushes for acrylic and oil paints, this 16-piece set is the ultimate pick for artists looking to create beautiful art designs and paintings on a budget.

Benicci Artist Paint Brush Set of 16 with Bonus Paint Knife Check Price on Amazon

All brushes feature strong and ergonomically designed handles and strong ferrules which deliver a non-interrupted performance hence allowing you to tap into your full potential.

The wooden handle construction design improves user speed, ease of use, and delivers maximum comfort in-performance.

This variety pack comes in a wide range of brush sizes and bristle designs which allows you to deliver stunning designs of art.

The Benicci paintbrush series is perfect for acrylic, watercolors, and oil paints. The ferrules integrated into this series prevent hair scattering by clamping them in place, hence delivering precise brush strokes.

The included art sponge and knife work are ideal for mixing the paint while working with the set.


  • Strong ferrules
  • Beautifully packaged
  • Dependable user comfort


  • Relatively pricey

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5. Starvast Painting Brushes 12 Pic Professional Angled Paint Brushes

This U.S.A manufactured set features 12 superior quality angled brushes of different sizes which serve different functions, whether you are dealing with oil or acrylic painting projects.

Starvast Painting Brushes 12 Pic Professional Angled Paint Brushes Check Price on Amazon

The nylon hair bristles deliver the finest touch and resiliency after every stroke which restores the bristles to their perfect shape.

The StarVast series is easy to clean up after use with warm water or solvents while the bristles can be reshaped in place by rubbing through them with your fingers.

These brushes paint smoothly and evenly without falling apart while delivering excellent control with every brush stroke.

The handles are made out of bamboo which delivers smooth performance with you are dealing with still life or landscape painting.

These multi-purpose brushes are the perfect pick for student painters, hobbyists, and semi-pros looking for quality tools on a budget.

The brush hairs are capable of holding massive paint pigments which makes this choice the perfect pick for acrylic painting projects.


  • Professional quality
  • Affordably priced
  • Multi-purpose


  • None

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6. Adi’s Art Pro 10pc Paint Brush Set for Acrylic Oil Water Color

If you are looking to unlock your creativity as a paint, Adi’s art pro brush set will deliver professional quality.

di’s Art Pro 10pc Paint Brush Set for Acrylic Oil Water Color Check Price on Amazon

You need it because it integrates 10 of the most commonly used brushes in one set: angled, round, flat, filbert, and rigger brushes.

The manufacturer integrated the finest nylon material in the bristles with non-shedding properties. Spanning 7” in length, the handles are custom made with recyclable birch wood.

This part is vanished with toxin-free UV paint to deliver a vibrant look. This superior build is complemented by rust-resistant 0.25mm aluminum ferrules to deliver a long-lasting performance.

The glue used to bond the bristles to the ferrule is odor and toxins free, which attests to its dependable quality.

The versatility offered by this quality setting allows you to kind with almost any kind of paint, whether you are a professional or a budding painter.

Adi’s art pro brush set’s non-shedding feature delivers unmatched quality and comes with a 12-months guarantee.


  • Smooth finish
  • Exceptionally firm bristles
  • Reasonably priced


  • Questionable versatility

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The most important buying consideration for quality acrylic paintbrushes is bristle type, size, and shape. 

  • The durability of the handle, ferrules, and filaments are just what you need for ease of cleaning and ensuring lasting performance.
  • The Artify 38-piece paintbrush set stands out because the hairs are resistant to fraying and falling apart even after prolonged use which ensures that they maintain their shape and produce dynamic strokes every time.


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