Editorial Policies

At Spray Painters Den, I am glad to let you know that I conceptualize, write, and write over 95% of the articles posted on this site.

Therefore, any time that I use guest authors, I create a collaboration. Still, I dedicate ample time for additions and editing to fit my style and practical/ scientific painting knowledge. 

Therefore, all the articles will be taken through the outlined checks: 

  1. I research and write original articles or content. 
  2. Editing – Check the content for any grammatical or spelling errors – this includes also correcting the mistakes. 
  3. Link and cite any sources used in the content – including hyperlinking the websites offering useful or additional information to the content readers – this also guarantees that the data is not plagiarized or duplicated. 
  4. I only use my originally captured pictures plus copyright-free or royalty-free images. 

However, I regularly get back to my previously written content or articles on the website to update them with current knowledge, information, and guidelines. 

Hence, I welcome you to notify me (through the contact form) of any information or recommend meeting the current painting standards. 

I paint intending to create a smooth and attractive finish on different surfaces, wall hangings, decks, or even playset stains. Further, I’ve painted different murals for neighbors and friends. 

I’ve made many mistakes, done extensive experimenting, and led to advanced discovering. So, I’ll list my various DIYer painting projects to provide information to help you.