Wet and Forget s

If you need to remove moss, mold, and mildew stains on your outdoor surfaces, deck, driveway, and patio – you need a product that’ll offer protection from harsh weather. Wet and Forget s

Wet and Forget is a useful product to remove stains (including mildew or mold), and you won’t require excessive scrubbing, washing, or cleaning. 

With this product, you’ll only require wiping, mild-rinsing, and spraying your cleaning agent to achieve that sparkling clean surface. So, do away with pressure washing, and it’s pet-friendly. 

The green coating that’s fine in texture (could be moss or algae) may be covering your floor’s siding or the wooden deck? Wet and Forget will be great for removing mold, mildew, moss, or algae stains.

Details: Wet and Forget s

The features of the stain remover Wet & Forget is biodegradable, and hence it is ecofriendly and safer – super convenient. Consideration contamination, Wet & Forget will work for 2-3 months. 

  • Single-step stain remover that’ll work well with pavements, roofs, painted surfaces, deck, siding, concrete, brick, and aluminum
  • Won’t require scrubbing and rinsing 
  • Suitable for outdoor (like playsets) and other types of surface 
  • It is safe – won’t come with harmful bleach, caustic or acidic substances
  • It has surfactants like benzyl ammonium chloride and ethanol – and thus, its ingredients are highly biodegradable. 

1. Usage Areas for Wet and Forget s

It has no bleach – there are it is not acidic or caustic – it’ll be safe for your pets and plants. It’ll work well for your walkways, driveway, deck, and roof – plus other outdoor surfaces. 

I also recommend the larger surfaces and high elevations, including rooftops, downspouts, shingles, sidewalks, siding, pavers, and eaves – offer excellent performance. 

You can also use the Wet and Forget on the lawn and outdoor garden places like outdoor pots, play equipment, storage units, pool liners, patio umbrellas, gazebos, fences, and fountains. 

Some painters use the stain remover on commercial spaces such as airports, cemeteries, schools, parks, hotels, and amusement parks, among other areas. 

I also recommend the remover on cabins, RVs, and outdoor furniture – and hence it’ll be easy to remove both mold and mildew stains. 

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2. Operation of the Wet & Forget s

Wet & Forget is an excellent outdoor stain remover, including for your patio floor. But don’t use the remover on the warmest or hot days since the heat could evaporate the solution. 

The appropriate temperature will be over 32 degrees in the application time and 5 hours following the process. The moss stains will be cleared from the patio in about three weeks. 

  • So, how does Wet & Forget remove moss stains? Well, soak the pavers and driveway with the liquid until it gets to the base of that moss covering. 

I used the Wet & Forget for the garden shed and the fence, removing the greenish algae, but I made sure I conducted effective rinsing. 

No one loves to spend many hours cleaning their siding and shingles after applying a cleaning product. Wet & Forget will cover the outdoor surface and thus no rinsing or cleaning. 

Therefore, with just some limited rainfall, the Wet & Forget-applied surfaces will be washed clean. The product will remove stains such as moss, mold, mildew, and algae from the outdoor covers. 


  • Long and useful shelf life 
  • The stain remover is biodegradable. 
  • Great for outdoor surface application 
  • Has no bleach, its non-caustic and non-acidic
  • Simple application with just 1-step application 
  • Removes major and stubborn stains 
  • Wont require any rinsing, scraping, or scrubbing


  • Could require a second spraying for better outcomes

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3. Lichen stain Removal with Wet & Forget s

The wet & forget stain remover will effectively remove Lichen – which is a combination of fungus and algae that live in a symbiotic relationship.

Get your sprayer – same that suitable for spraying fertilizer and water on your plants. So, soak the lichen with a solution of the stain remover.

I would recommend roughly 15 minutes to soften the lichen’s outer layer and thus penetrate to remove the lichens. The remover works on  750-2250 square feet considering surface porosity.

4. Working Process of the Wet & Forget

Consider the materials; the stain remover – Wet and Forget – will work well on fiberglass, Vinyl, teak, PVC steel, asphalt, concrete, ceramic, and plastic. 

Wet & Forget works first by quickly penetrating those stains to remove bacteria, and it’ll reactivate every time there is rainfall – removing debris and preventing further growth. 

For mold that’s grown on the roof, you may use other products to effectively scrub the shingles to remove the mold with excellent cleaning power effectively. 

Compared to various roof-cleaning substances with a harsh ingredient, this stain remover is non-caustic, non-acidic, and beach-free. 

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However, the stain remover will work slowly, and thus you could require some re-application within the month – particularly for tough stains. 

How Safe is Wet & Forget? 

First, Wet & Forget will be super useful and safe to use both for your indoor & outdoor spaces – as approved by EPA – it won’t damage the surfaces under the mildew, moss, or mold. 

As noted earlier, Wet & Forget does not include bleach, nor is it acidic or caustic – the formula is equally eco-friendly and biodegradable – which means that it’s safe. 

The product will be comfortable and safe to use as a stain remover  – apply the liquid on your stained surfaces – you won’t need to rinse or scrub the surfaces using water. 

You should use smart bottles and sprayers for the less messy and even easier application of the stain remover. With the triggers and nozzles in the latex sprayers, you can get to great heights. 

Key Wet & Forget Benefits 

There are several benefits and features – you’ll love the moss remover, algae, and garage mildew. 

  1. The remover has no harsh chemicals, and hence it’ll be safe to use around plants, landscaping, and pets – therefore, the product won’t also damage other surfaces. 
  2. The non-caustic, bleach-free, and non-acidic – and hence it’ll stop growth and bacteria with no damage to your outdoor surfaces or landscape. 
  3. It doesn’t incorporate heavy metals or harmful chemicals and will be safe to use on your patios and decks. 
  4. Rainfall enough to clean the stain remover – and thus no rinsing will be required. 
  5. Eco-friendly and economical 


Wet & Forget will deeply penetrate the surface stains to remove debris from surfaces in your home, and it’ll leave the objects intact – shining to remove mildew and mold. 


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